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Bike Sizing Guide - Adults

Choosing the Correct Frame Size

Most "ladies" bikes are now manufactured in a unisex frame which has the bar a little higher than a standard ladies frame and is considered respectable for both men and women alike. Men who have a problem throwing a leg over the high bar of a men's frame bike (from knee or back surgery, etc.) would find a unisex frame easier to mount, and men who are less than 5'5" tall might also want the 17" frame rather than the standard 19" mens frame.
  • 17" frame (26" wheel) - our standard sized ladies frame.
  • 15" frame (24" wheel) - women under 5' tall, senior ladies, and young teens will prefer this smaller frame.

Men's Frame Size

  • 23" frame (26" wheel) - for men over 6'5".
  • 21" frame (26" wheel) - for men between 6' and 6'5".
  • 19" frame (26" wheel) - our standard men's frame

Mens 21 speed Hybrid Bike with hand brakes

This bikes comes in a 19" 21" and 23" frame and a 27" wheel

Mens 21 speed Mountain bike with hand brakes

This bike has a 19" frame and a 26" wheel

Ladies 21 speed Hybrid bike with hand brakes

 this bike has a 15" 17" and 19" frame and a 27" wheel

Ladies 21 speed mountain bike

This bike has a 17" frame and 26" wheels

Adult Trike

This is a 3 wheeled adult bike with 26" wheels

Tandem Bike

This bike is built for two and has 21 speed and is primarily intended for adult use but can also be used for kids 13 and up

Recumbant 21 speed bike with hand brakes

This unsex 21 speed bike has a large seat up right handlebars with a 20" rear wheel

Recumbant 21 speed trike with hand brakes

This unsex 21 speed bike has a large seat up right handelbars with 3 wheels

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