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Ladies’ single speed bike w/ Trail-A-Bike

Starting at: $50.00

3 Days = $50.00
4 Days = $60.00
1 Week = $80.00
2 Weeks = $140.00
3 Weeks = $210.00
4 Weeks = $270.00

Bike Size * 

Helmet Size * 

Billy Rental’s recommend helmets for all riders. State law says anyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. 1 lock for 3 bikes.

Additional Helmets



Most “ladies” bikes are now manufactured in a unisex frame which has the bar a little higher than a standard ladies frame and is considered respectable for both men and women alike. Men who have a problem throwing a leg over the high bar of a men’s frame bike (from knee or back surgery, etc.) would find a unisex frame easier to mount, and men who are less than 5’5″ tall might also want the 17″ frame rather than the standard 19″ mens frame.

  • 17″ frame (26″ wheel) – our standard sized ladies frame.
  • 14″ frame (26″ wheel)- This bike has a 26″ wheel (15″frame) this unisex single-speed is a smaller adult style frame for young teens and petite women.

Here’s a “child’s portion” of a bike that can be attached to any adult bike (except bikes with trailers, baby-seats, 15″ bikes or racks on the back, and we do not attach them to tandems) to create an adult/child tandem. It has a free wheel which means that the adult controls the speed and braking, and the child does not have to pedal if they get tired. This is a good option for kids currently using training wheels (up to age 8). The Trail-A-Bike enables young riders to travel farther, and it’s safer because the adult controls the steering and braking. Product image is for illustration only. Actual product may vary slightly.

Trail-A-Bikes can only be fitted onsite at Billy’s Rentals. We suggest you rent a combo bike and Trail-A-Bike from Billy’s Rentals or purchase this add-on separately.