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Recumbent bike

Starting at: $65.00

3 Days = $65.00
4 Days = $80.00
1 Week = $100.00
2 Weeks = $180.00
3 Weeks = $265.00
4 Weeks = $320.00

Helmet Size * 

Billy Rental’s recommend helmets for all riders. State law says anyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. 1 lock for 3 bikes



Recumbents seats are larger and you actually sit in the seat. You aren’t perched on top of a narrow saddle which can tend to cause numbness and chafing. The handlebars above the seat at shoulder level. This combination creates a comfortable ride making long distance riding free from neck strain, saddle sores, and wrist pain. Available with 2 wheels and adult trike.

“The EZ Sport continued to handle extremely well at ANY speed. Zooming down a bridge at 30 miles per hour felt as if I were piloting a Harley Davidson motor cycle. The EZ Sport positions the rider in a very natural, comfortable and commanding upright position. The front/back wheel weight distribution is as optimal as it gets. Moreover, the relatively high seat and its adjustability, the low bottom bracket and the Kenda fat high-pressure tires “conspire” to give you and uncommonly pleasant sense of stability and control.”